Dr. Jim Z’s Premium-All Natural Livestock Feeds
  • Lamb Creep, 15 % Protein-vitamin-mineral fortified 3-way sweet feed. Feed free choice to lambs from 21 days to 48 days.
  • State Fair Lamb Grower, 16 % Protein-vitamin-mineral fortified feed. Feed pellets free choice to lambs from 49 days to fair weight. * Note this feed is a proven winner!

Pygmy Goat Feed. 12 % Protein, vitamin-mineral fortified rolled 4-way feed. Made especially for pygmy goats. No added molasses.

  • Llama Pellets, Vitamin-mineral supplement for Llamas. Feed 1 pound of pellets per head per day.
  • Trail mix recipe. 1 lb. Llama Pellets to 2 lbs 3 way sweet feed (c.o.b.). Amount fed depends on size and activity of individual animal.
  • Vitamin Mineral Salt Mix for Llamas. A complete balanced vitamin and mineral supplement for Llamas with added salt to control intake, Feed free choice.